PGP Consultancy Service

PGP Consultancy Services is by collaborating of 3 cutting edge science companies. Our experiences go back to 2010 where we started equipped many laboratories in Iran. As of today we have carried out set up assignments in +100 labs and hospitals in the region, making us amongst the most experienced and diverse oriented scientific consultants in our field.

To be the best in the PGP

PGP Consultancy Services headquarter is based in Iran, and we further operate in Austria, Turkey and Canada. Our ambition is to be – and maintain the position as – the leading consultancy servises with focus on how to do business in region.

PGP Consulting Team

PGP Consultants are experienced consultants with many years of operation in Iran and great knowledge about the modern Biology environment in the world.

PGP Consulting Senior Team

K. Saliminejad

Avicenna Research Institute

PhD in Molecular Genetics

F. Shekari

Royan Institute

PhD in Biology

M. Kazemi

Sade Sazan Institute

PhD in Polymer Engineering

E. Janzamin

Farmand Danesh Abzar

MSc in Hematology

You can join the PGP Advisory Team and share your experiences with other colleagues and Labs.

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