About Applied Specrtal Imaging

The story of ASI is a tale of innovation, creativity and science spanning over 20 years.

At ASI, our goal is to improve patient care with advanced biomedical imaging.  Therefore, we develop novel diagnostic solutions for the clinical and research communities, providing outstanding clinical value and user experience, tailored to fit laboratory needs. ASI’s digital systems provide the necessary tools Pathology, Cytogenetics and Research laboratories need to facilitate the growing demands of 21st-century diagnostics.

Founded in 1993, ASI markets, services and supports its products in nearly 50 countries. The Company has worldwide offices in the US and Asia and a global network of distribution partners. With over 3,000 systems deployed worldwide, we put great emphasis on longstanding customer relationships and the tireless pursuit of innovation.


ASI’s products are powered by GenASIs™, our core technology and the backbone of our systems. Combining Image Acquisition with computer-assisted Analysis, our systems enable laboratories to provide advanced diagnostics to patients, grounded on powerful algorithms and customer focused software. Our wide portfolio of dedicated solutions for Brightfield, Fluorescence and Spectral imaging and analysis includes HiPath Pro, PathFusion, HiBand, HiFISH, Harmony and Rainbow.

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