Pgp History of Foundation

Pars Gene Pooya (PGP) is a leading supplier of the scientific instrument for the biological laboratories in IRAN. Pars Gene has been presenting new products in the fields of Cytogenetics, Molecular Genetics, and Pathology since 2007.

There are 20 professionals in two separate departments, Sales & Marketing, and Technical Support, who are able to follow up any request from any clinical and research centers. We proudly announce that our consultants are ready to train and set up the new technologies and techniques in the fields of Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics in your laboratories with reliable after-sale services in IRAN and neighbor countries in the Middle East.

   Our Vission is Organizing, Planning, Developing, Operating and Maintaining a:

  • Annually Smart Sales And Marketing Program In Sales & Marketing Dept.
  • Support And Assistance Program In Technical Support Dept.
  • Professional's Education Program In Education Dept.

Our Managers

Reza Was

Salaes and Marketing Expert>> Scientific Consultant>> Owner and CEO

2004 - Now

In International PTN Co.(Iran)>> Far Gene Co.(Iran)>> Saman Zist Co. Ltd(Iran)>> PARS GENE Co. Ltd.(Iran)>> PGP Life Scientific Inc.(Canada)

Reza Sojoudi

Founder  |  CEO  |  CCO

Certificates and Degrees

BSc in Cellular and Molecular Genetics > MSc in Cellular and Molecular Biology > MBA

Hossein Nezari


Certificates and Degrees

BSc in Cellular and Molecular Genetics > MSc in Cellular and Molecular Biology > PhD in Educational Administration

Hossein Was

Genetic Lab technician>> Stem Cells Research Assistant>> Educational administrator of “Center of Stem Cells for All”>> Chief learning officer and COO

2001 - Now

National institute of genetic engineering and biotechnology(Iran)>> ROYAN institute(Iran)>> Academia Sinica(Taiwan)>> PARS GENE Company, Ltd. (Iran)

Amir Was

Sales Expert>> Sales Manager>> CEO>> Sales and Marketing Manager

2005 - Now

Paad Pazhoohesh Co,Ltd>> Paadco Co ,Ltd>> Yeganeh Teb Co,Ltd>> Pars Gene Co, Ltd

Amir Ahmadi


Certificates and Degrees

BE in Power Electronic Engineering

Ali Kakavand


Certificates and Degrees

AE in Electronic > BE in Electrical Engineering

Ali Was

Service Man>> Technical Officer>> Technical Engineer>> Technical Manager>> Chief Technical officer

2008 - Now

Imam Khomeini Hospital>> Aria Fan Varzan Co,Ltd>> Arian Tajhiz Co.Ltd>> Farmed Aria Co,Ltd>> PARS GENE Company, Ltd

Our team

we bring together unique creative, technical, and visionary talents.